Baby’s Butt Care To Prevent Diaper Rashes!

Newborn babies often experience diaper rashes, especially during the first 1 to 3 months of life when they soil their diapers 8 to 12 times a day or more. As new parents, you definitely don’t want to be dealing with diaper rashes while you are overwhelmed with your new parenting role. Master these diaper changing skills, so you can apply these skills to your baby’s diaper changing routine right from birth. It’s a great way to prevent diaper rashes!

Things you will need:

  • ✅ Diapers
  • ✅ Wet or Dry wipes or wash cloths
    • ☑️ Preferably 99% or 100% water wipes due to possible skin sensitivities to wet wipes ingredients
  • Change Pad
  • ✅ Diaper Rash Cream
    • ☑️ Preferably with Zinc (Brands: Sudocrem, Penaten)
  • ✅ Daily Protective Clear Cream or Ointment
    • ☑️ Examples: Vaseline or Penaten daily protective clear cream
  • ✅ Baby Body Wash
    • ☑️ Get the most natural brand of baby body wash
  • ✅ Towel
  • ✅ Wash cloths

Follow these steps to prevent diaper rashes:

1.  Diaper change frequently. Immediately after every poop and/or pee.

2. At each diaper change, use wet wipes or soak a dry wipe with lukewarm tap water to gently wipe off baby’s poop and pee.

3. Wash baby’s butt with baby body wash and rinsed thoroughly with lukewarm water. 

4. Pat the butt dry with a towel or wash cloth. Do not rub to avoid friction on baby’s delicate and soft skin.  

5. Air out the butt for a minute. 

6.  Apply a generous amount of Diaper Rash Cream with zinc. Then apply another generous amount of Daily protective clear cream/ointment. The clear cream/ointment will help repel pee from irritating and absorbing into baby’s skin.

7. Put on the most natural brand of disposable diaper or cloth diaper.

8. Repeat these steps for every diaper change.


  • If baby has a diaper rash, you’ve tried the above steps at every diaper change, and you’ve tried all sorts of diaper rash creams with no improvement to the diaper rash, then you need to seek medical attention to rule out yeast, fungal or bacterial infections.
  • Baby’s first poops are called meconium. This is dark green coloured, thick and very sticky that really sticks on to the baby’s soft delicate skin. Applying a tiny bit of vaseline petroleum jelly to your newborn baby’s butt will prevent it from sticking, making it easier to wipe the sticky meconium off.

Please leave any comments or questions below or any tips for new moms!

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