OMG! Do I have MASTITIS?!?!

Mastitis is an infection in one or both breasts and occurs mostly in breastfeeding mothers. However, mastitis can occur in any women breastfeeding or not.

What causes mastitis?

It is almost always caused by bacteria. Rarely is it caused by viruses, fungus, yeast, and etc. Often times when mothers are nursing for the first time, they have trouble with baby’s latch causing sore, cracked and bleeding nipples. Bacteria can infect the breast by entering through these cracked, sore, and bleeding nipples. That being said, women without cracked and sore nipples can also get mastitis.

A blocked or clogged milk duct can sometimes also cause mastitis.

What are the signs and symptoms of mastitis?

Watch for the following signs and symptoms:

✅ Painful or tender lump in the breast

✅ Redness

✅ Burning pain to the breast

✅ Fever

✅ Swelling

✅ Warm to touch

✅ Feel run down or unwell

What do I do if I have mastitis?

⭐️ Continue to breastfeed baby.

⭐️ Use a breast pump to help empty excess milk from the breasts.

⭐️ Change your disposable or reusable nursing pads frequently.

⭐️ Use cold compress to relieve discomfort.

⭐️ Protect cracked and sore nipples with a nipple shield during breastfeeding

⭐️ Seek medical attention, such as contacting your family physician or primary care provider.

⭐️ For bacterial mastitis, you will most likely need antibiotics to treat the infection.

⭐️ Consult your doctor about taking pain medications to relieve breast pain.

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