Trying for a boy? Try these tips.

Trying to get pregnant and you want to increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy?

Follow these 4 simples tips:

1️⃣ Eat potassium rich foods. The old wives’ tale suggests that eating foods high in potassium will help you increase your chance of conceiving a boy!  Having enough potassium rich foods will make a more alkaline environment for you to conceive a boy.  Foods that are high in potassium includes: bananas, apricots, yams, avocado, beets, and etc.

2️⃣ Coffee for your man before sex.  Coffee helps boost fertility in men.  The idea is that the caffeine might be a stimulant for the male chromosome (Y) making it more active and dominant.

3️⃣ Use deep penetration. Deep penetration is known to increase the chance of conceiving a boy.  With deep penetration, the male sperm is deposited close to the cervix where the environment is the least acidic for the sperm to thrive.  Since Y (male) chromosome swims faster than the X(female) chromosome, the male chromosome would reach the egg sooner than the male chromosome with deep penetration. 

4️⃣ Have sex after ovulation. Have sex after ovulation or as close as possible to when ovulation occurs.  Since the male (Y) chromosomes are faster swimmers than X (female) chromosomes, sex close to ovulation or immediately after ovulation will help the Y chromosome reach the egg faster than the X (female) chromosome to conceive a baby boy. 

These tips are to increase your chance of conceiving a boy. It does not guarantee that you will have a baby boy following these tips, so just enjoy the moment and have fun with baby making! 

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