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Baby carriers are a must have in parenthood, especially during the first 3 years of your child's life. From birth, your baby is used to snuggling up close and being hugged, just like when your baby was in your womb.  The use of a baby carrier allows you to mimic such an environment for your newborn baby while freeing up your hands to carry on with your normal daily activities. Wearing your baby in a baby carrier also promotes breastfeeding, as you can discreetly nurse your baby in the carrier.  Babies cry less when they are in a carrier, so baby carriers will help soothe your baby.  It's a perfect way to bond with your baby. Baby carriers also makes traveling easier, no need for taking a stroller on a short trip.  Great to use a carrier on hikes or places that don't support the use of strollers. As your baby surpass the baby stage and starts walking, your baby will want to start wearing his or her own backpacks to prepare for school.  Our leash backpacks are perfect for allowing your toddler to be independently walking alone, but also prevents your child from walking too far for you to catch up to.  

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